Hello! Welcome to AR's Tictail shop!

Animus Rhythm (AR), established on September 27th, 2008, is an active art group focuses on Japanese anime-styled illustrations. We are consisting of 3 members including 2 artists, Ox-Miruku and Yueta, who are responsible for all the designs and drawings on the products. Our third person, Dysis, specializes in coming fruition of our products. AR is a group of enthusiastic buddies, working together to create fun and works we can be proud of.

Animus Rhythm is happy to be participating in various anime conventions in the East Coast. We made our first appearance in AnimeNext 2010. We also go to AnimeBoston, Katsucon and Otakon! There will be more to come in the years ahead.

We hope to see you at the different conventions~~

We love to hear from you~ Feel free to leave us comments and/or suggestions.