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Animus Rhythm Illustration

About Animus-Rhythm Illustration
We are a small art studio, established on September 27th, 2008, comprised of two artists and two assistants. We focus on Japanese anime-styled illustrations.

Our products presented here are designed and drawn by our two artists from sketches, then incorporated into various products by hand. The mini cups are decorated with hand made vinyl decals of our own designs. Each piece is beautifully packed and presented. Our designs are also made to charms, notebooks, lanyards and many more.

We use our talent to create this group, not only to showcase what we can do with colors, lines, and our hands, but also to strengthen our ties and add tastes to our ordinary daily lives.

As individuals growing up under anime's influences, we accept it as an important part of our lives, and also an unbreakable bond between our friendships. We disapprove the common belief that “anime is just for kids”, and believe this genre encompasses infinite amount of imagination and flexibility. Because in the end, it’s just an art-form, a way of expression, and a method to tell stories; just like any other tools people use to bring their inner worlds to life.

  • OX-Miruku

    Owner, Designer, Customer Service

    I am OX-Miruku and I am a proud member of Animus-Rhythm Illustration. I draw and design AR works. You can follow my work on instagram: @ox_Miruku

  • Yueta

    Owner, Designer, Photographer

    I also draw and design AR works. Studies art and media. portfolio:

  • Dysis

    Owner, Assistant, Shipper

    Creates and assists making of products.