Custom Anime Portrait Bust-up Commission by OX-Miruku

49.99 USD


This is a DIGITAL item which will be E-mailed to you. Please ignore the instant download file. Please note us for us to approve your request BEFORE placing the order and process the payment. If you have purchased the item before confirming with us, and we decide the request is not eligible, we will issue refund with possible processing charges deducted.


OX-Miruku is currently taking bust-up commissions for anime characters, and original characters. Portrait can also be done for individuals with photo references provided (please note it will just be an anime-styled version of the photo.) All works will be done and send DIGITALLY in high resolution. (nothing will be in your mail box :)

1. All commissions will have a simple, or white background
2. Commissions are for personal use only, not for commercial use
3. Each item purchased only includes one bust-up drawing. If you wish to make multiple requests, please purchase this item equal number of times.

-------------------How to order----------------------

1. Samples provided above shows the kind of bust-up portraits I will be creating. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the end result being similar to the samples shown.

2. I shall confirm with you whether I am able to accept your request after I've seen all the references. Please do not place an order before that.

3. Be sure to include the following information in the note as well as the message box for seller when placing the order.

= For Original Characters:

Detailed description and/or colored picture references

= For Fan Characters:

Name of the character
Name of the show/movie/etc the character is from

= For Real Individuals:

Photo you'd like me to re-draw in anime-style.
Any color descriptions if photo is not clear (eye, hair color, etc)

3. Please include the E-mail address you'd like to receive the final piece with.

--------------Time required for making-----------------

Finished work will be received within 1-3 weeks after order has been placed. If more time is needed due to heavy requests, a note shall be send with a new estimated receiving time.